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photo: Zoran S. Popovic
Ivana Stefanović, through an authentic choice, a refined adaptation, and the masterful organisation of musical content, in order words, through true art, now openly demonstrates the combination of an innate closeness to deep, existentialist questions, and an acquired skill to overcome the most troubling answers to life’s fundamental questions.

Ana Kotevska
Ivana Stefanović is a poet of the intimate, her music is poetry sung with sound, and her poetic world is a space of high moral and humane contemplation where an event outside the sphere of music, a personal experience, a poetic text, an event from life or from history develops its tonal paradigm, as a thought in the shape of music, a thought that seeks to generalise that which is unique, to generalise onto the level of defined artistic philosophy, the highest of all products of the human spirit. Her music, and Desanka Maksimović’s poetry, in the finest and most nuanced way possible, brings personal problematiques onto the level of humanity’s broadest moral and civilisational goals.

Zorica Premate
Ivana Stefanović’s new piece is a true representation of her maturity and masterfulness as a composer; it carries her strong personal stamp as an artist. As a result of its exciting musical content and the provocative nature of the theme it deals with, this piece stands truly apart from others on the current music scene.

Dr Sonja Marinković
on the piece ‘Extraordinary scenes from Homer’s grave in Smyrna – New additions for Hans Christian Andersen’
A condensed, powerful, enticing image and vision.

Branka Radović
on the piece ‘Tree of life’
Politika, 9 October 2007.
...Ivana Stefanović’s Instrumental song ‘spills itself’ as a real homage to voice and to singing, developed in different vocal and instrumental registers, in a playful and joyful, almost entrancing manner, a manner close to the true ideal of song; it is a piece exquisitely nuanced, full of humour and freshness in its dynamic variation. Just beautiful.

Marija Adamov
Ivana Stefanović’s expression in this piece seems to stand aside from the usual techniques and fashionable tendencies. This piece is about a deeply personal abstract world built from silence, a world where affect is only sporadically released.

Srđan Teparić
on the piece ‘Four nighttime notes’
Radio Belgrade 2
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