Prizes, awards
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photo: Aleksandar Kujucev
Most important awards (selection):
  • Prize Knight of the profession for 2018
  • Stevan Mokranjac award for 2017 for A Boulder
  • The Trepetalo of Trogir – The Regional Award for the Media Ranko Munitić" of Center for Media Ranko Munitić, 2018
  • Prix Italia 2017, for radiophonic poem A large stone VIDEO.
  • As part of the celebration 90 years of Radio Belgrade, Ivana Stefanovic got the Golden Microphone award for special contribution to the program, 2014.
  • Award of the City of Belgrade for 2013, Special recognition for an exceptional contribution to an event of special value to the City of Belgrade, The organisation of the first edition of the a classical music festival entitled "The Self-Defense of Art", BUNT, April 2014.
  • Vitomir Bogovic Lifetime Achievement Award for an exceptional contribution to radiophonics, (2010)
  • Extraordinary scenes from Homer’s grave in Smyrna – New additions for Hans Christian Andersen, Stevan Mokranjac Prize for Composition, 2008.
  • The Road to Damascus (published by Geopoetika), Milos Crnjanski Prize for Prose, 2002.
  • The Tour Atelje 212 play directed by Goran Markovic, Sterija Prize for Music, Novi Sad, 1997.
  • Play Strindberg String Quartet, Belgrade City Parliament Cultural Fund Prize, 1994.
  • Four nighttime notes, First Prize at the Second International Music Tribune, Novi Sad, 1993.
  • Lachrymosa, SLABBESZ Prize Austria, 1993, and FEDOR Festival Prize, 1993.
  • Isidora, Belgrade City Parliament Cultural Fund Prize, 1992.
  • Metropolis of Silence/Ancient Ras, FEDOR Festival First Prize, 1992.
  • Lingua/Phonia/Patria, FEDOR Festival Prize, 1991.
  • Hommage à Villon, Serbian Composers’ Union Prize, 1972.
  • Harmonies String Quartet, Yugoslav Radio and Television Prize, Ohrid, 1977.
  • Kabana Oratorio, October Prize for Young Artists, 1976.
  • The epistle of birds, Jean Antoine–Triômphe varitété Prize, Monte Carlo, 1974.
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